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Jim Lewk Sculptor


Jim Lewk Sculptor

Welcome to Jim Lewk Sculptor

Here you can browse photos of his sculptures, which are labeled numerically for convenience. All sculptures are hand-made and many can be customized in width and height. These sculptures are made of copper, welded with patina, and polychrome finish. The base is fossil coral from Key Largo formed at the beginning of the Ice Age 125, 000 years ago. The beauty of this ancient stone is its fossil imperfections. The balloons are hand-blown glass.

Contact information is provided. Feel free to ask questions or place an order.



Born in Troyes, France and raised in New York, his interest in art dates from pre-grammar school. After moving to Miami, he studied art at the University of Miami, Florida State University, and in several European countries.


By 1970, he was working full-time as a metal sculptor. Even though he is familiar with current trends and techniques in art, he prefers to be an outsider artist, and has developed a style that is very much his own.

Publications that have featured his work include: Holiday Magazine, Interior Design, Directions, Southern Living and others, including numerous newspapers.

He has received over 300 awards from juried art shows and has exhibited his work in over 100 galleries and museums including:

       Museum of Science Fine Art Show

       Miami Art Museum

       Lowe Museum

       Supreme Court House 

           Sculptures of Florida, and others

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